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Hi! My name is Max.

Max is a 4 1/2 year old black male neutered Skansen giant from North Scottsdale. Max is good with small dogs or any that don't challenge him for alpha. He plays many times with a rat terrier. He has was taken to a dog training school in north Scottsdale when he was young over a two year period. His owner understood alpha and was alpha to Max. It was a very traumatic thing when the owner turned Max over to us. One of the hardest I have had to take part in. My heart hurt for both the owner and for Max. They were very obviously strongly bonded. Max is a lover and wants nothing more than to cuddle and to be loved by his new owner.

After Max arrived and people got to meet him, here is what they had to say.

"I got to meet Max twice today. What an exceptionally nice male Giant. This one is special and I am certain we will not have any problem placing him."

But after we had Max for awhile, our Dr. Higgins noticed a very slight limp. Upon further investigation, it did not turn out to be a slight problem. Max was very lucky that it had not gotten worse earlier. His owner had only noticed him limp once for a few days and then nothing noticeable. It took Dr. Higgin's trained eye to see that something was wrong with Max.

The slope on Max's tibia is extreme at 60 degrees. Dr. Bone feels at best he could surgically correct this to 30 degrees. The example that Dr.Bone gave was a "typical dog" needing TPLO with a slope of 23 degrees corrected to 8 degrees. The ideal range of correction would be between 8-10 degrees.

What could be the cause? Nothing can be determined conclusively, but here are possibilities:

1. Abnormal growth plate development during puppyhood.
2. Old injury.

Currently, Max has mild arthritis, a bone spur, and some inflammation and edema in this area. It is uncertain whether there is a partial tear at present, but most certainly he will have a partial or complete tear if surgical intervention is not implemented. Upon observation, Max does not place complete weight on his left hind leg. Upon exercising, the limp will begin to become apparent.

Max had surgery on Wed., Sept 14th. He spent the night at SW Vet Surg. (Dr. Bone/ Dixon’s) and was picked him up the next afternoon. He is currently recovering at a home. He has been a bit painful and still hasn’t quite figured out how to lay down comfortably. He is on heavy pain medication. He is getting up to hop outside with assistance. He is eating and drinking well.

If you would like to help max meet his medical bills, VSGSR would greatly appreciate it. Donations can be made through Paypal under the name or checks mailed to:

of PO Box 648
Mesa, AZ 85211.

Thank you all for your generosity and help with Max. It is deeply and gratefully appreciated.

Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue

Dr. Suzanne Higgins
Steve Marlow
Sally Erwin
Julie Barnhill
Lisa Carpenter
Yolanda Ruiz-Gibson
Kelli Kohler
Marilu Hansen
Nan Knowles
Patty Greene
Madeline Wilson
Christine Lessard
Jane Chism
Ed and Ellen Dolezal
Jan Kennedy
Greta Hill

Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue

dis feels pretty comfy on dis bwanket...even if dis fing is on my leg

I can't keep my eyes open, I fink I'll take a nap

I'm heavily medicated...whatever dat means
After surgery pix shortly after he was picked on Thursday afternoon.

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