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Hi! My new name is Bama. My 4 babies and I are in bad shape.

My babies and I were dumped in the shelter in Alabama a few weeks ago in very bad shape. We were totally covered in ticks and malnourished and had mange.


Dis nice lady named Jan came to get me today (July 17, 2005) and took me on a car ride from Wetumpka to Birmingham to another nice lady named Kate. Kate took me to Tenneessee where to another nice ladynames Ashely who will take me to Bowling Green, KY. A nice man named Bill picked me up in BG and took me to dis nice new place with a couple more GS who look like me and a bunch of little dogs and a nice lady named Juliana!

Jan and Cricket and Kate and Bama

Bama looks much better than she did when she came in, thanks to the kind folks at the shelter.

Bill got home about 5:00 from Bowling Green with Bama, from here we headed to our vets where Dr. Joyce was waiting. Bama is scheduled to be spayed on the 25th as we want to do that first before she goes into estrus again, then 10 days later she will be treated for heart worm. She currently has hook and whip worms so we are treating her with panacur. Blood work was drawn to check her liver function and a few other things. A chest x-ray was done and her heart is not enlarged and her lungs are clear. We had them give her a bath and dry her while she was there and now she smells really really good. Sometimes it takes a couple of baths to get rid of that kennel smell. She only weighed 35 pounds and we double checked the scale twice, I lifted her in and out of the car and she felt a lot heavier than that, Dr. Joyce said that she fully expects her to grow a little more as she seriously doubts if she is even a year old. She is awfully young.

Giant Thank you to everyone who donated to help Bama meet her medical needs so she could begin her new life with her new home!!

We are only able to save lives as a result of the generosity of all the wonderful Rescue benefactors who so generously help many, many Giants in need each and every year.

Juliana and family
Rita Coleman
Daphne, Tobi, and Cricket Sawyer
Kathryn E Bowdoin
Greta Hill
Mark Colleluori
Stephanie Dickey
Nancy Barton

Bama had a rough road ahead of her when she got to Louisville, on top of the rough start she had already been dealt in life. After being spayed she underwent her heartworm treatment and boy what a challenge that was. I am sure most of you can imagine trying to keep a 10 month old puppy calm and quiet. Dr. Joyce said that she could be let loose in the house as long as she didn't run. Yes, right. I made sure to tell little Miss Ali Bama that too. It went in one ear and out the other. She was finally getting to be a puppy. The heartworm treatments were a success and when we got to turn her loose and she actually got to run, she went almost non stop. She ran and ran and played a whole lot. Knight was her favorite playmate, Sissy second and Ube and Jackson third. She always had someone to play with.

Miss Ali Bama left for her new home on September 22. She had a long 12 hour car ride ahead of her. Kathy e-mailed last night and said that they had made it home and she was now with her new family and they were ecstatic with her. There were neighbors and other family members to meet her and Miss Ali knew she was the star of the show. I will send pictures as soon as I get them.

Thanks to all of you who donated. Your money not only went to VET care, but to puppy food, canned and dry and toys, plus a bed. She loved her toys, but most of all she loved being a puppy.

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