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Hi! Our names are Sam and Breeze...and we are staying here in da Land of the Giants wif our foster mom and 5 other Giants who live here all da time.

My name is Breeze and I've been living in a vet clinic for TWO MONTHS. My previous owner dumped me there. He said I was going for a haircut, but he never came back to get me! My friend, and used to be groomer, came and got me tonight and brought me to see my old friends, Jones, Harleigh, Hannah and Kirbie. I don't know dis HOney-grrrrl or dis Sam boy but they seem pretty happy here wif my friends.


Beeeeeeeeee-za-Reeeeeeeeee getting ready to leave the Land of the Giants with her very own mom and dad!

I hear regularly from Breeze and her new mom and dad and they just love her and she loves being the only child, lol!

Sam is gonna stay here in the Land of Giants as our Goodwill Ambasador for Rescue. He loves my grrrlz and they love him so at this point it wouldn't be very nice to uproot him again.

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