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HI! My name is Bronte and I am a 9 year old Giant Schnauzer girl. I escaped from my back yard, ran out in the street and got hit by a car. My front leg is very bruised and had some trauma to the nerves and my back leg is broken. A nice neighbor lady helped me get to a doctor to see what was wrong with me.

My owners didn't want me anymore so some other nice people came to get me and took me to another doctor place. They gave me my very own bed and have been giving me medicine to help me feel better so my broken bones don't hurt me so much. These people have been very nice and love on me a lot. I like that part a lot!

My legs are getting better too cause I had me an operation. Now I have a pin in my leg (whatever dat means). These nice people help me go outside for "business" trips and hold me up with a towel around my butt so I can take care of business and not fall down.

We will be updating Bronte's page with pix and her progress on a weekly basis. If you would like to make a donation to help Loree and Monte defray some of Bronte's orthopaedic surgery to fix her leg you may do so by sending a check to the address listed below.

Boulevard Pet Hospital
1555 S. Winchester Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95128


Visa and Mastercard also accepted, please call the above number to donate via telephone with your credit card.

A G.I.A.N.T. thank you to these Friends of Rescue who help make saving lives a reality! Most of us could not save the lives we save each year without the loyal support of rescue benefactors like you! Thank you very much!!

Jan Kennedy
Wendy Benjamin
MAF Tyma
Larry Gurley
Cornelia Whitworth
Susan Daily
Tina Fields
Margrit Fleming
Anita Lewis
Sandi Yanoff
Leslie Bartlett
Jane Elias
Deb Stover
Karalyn Eckerle
Jim & Nanette Knowles
Monte Schwartz DVM (our hero!) <--- Loree's hub
Loree Levy
Ron May-Pumphrey DVM (ortho surgeon)
Peggy Rusher DVM (ongoing rechecks w/M)
Charmaine, Marlo, Natasha, Laurie, Stephanie (support care at BPH)

Here's me in my pretty new dress!

Dis is my leg dat got operated on.

I'm standing up real good now too!

Dr. Wonderful himself (Monte)

This smilin face is our Loree!

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If you would like to help support Giant Rescue and this site we greatly appreciate it!


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