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Hi! My name is Chance and my foster mom is trying to help me find my very own home!.

My name is Chance but my foster mom calls me Little Big Man sometimes. I am a black Giant Schnauzer pup at 12 weeks old. As of 1/3/08 I am 18 pds, 16 inches tall. I am a very happy boy! I'm smart too, I learned to sit real fast I try to sit and stay to wait for my food but thats hard to do when those groceries smell so good!

I love to go for walks and greet everyone with with my wiggle butt. Most of the time I get so excited I just fall over so they can see me up close and personal. I love all my four legged friends that live with me at my foster home. I have small dogs and big dogs to play with here.

Chance is a special needs boy at this time. He has a UTI and bladder infection. There is a possibility that the kidneys are involved but that has not been determined totally yet. He is on meds and hopefully once the UTI and bladder infection are gone he will be well. If his bloodwork is still no on track then more will be done to determine what is going on.

Chance went to his new home Feb 7 2008!!

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