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Meet Chevy!
(ok, so he's not a Giant, lol)

Chevy was turned over to Newfie Rescue because his owners clearly didn't have a clue about caring for a dog. He weighs 200 pounds and literally cannot carry his own weight.

I had to shave Chevy with a #10 blade to get the nasty, matted, tick infested, stinking 6 inch thick pelt off of him so his skin could breathe again and the sores can heal.

He IS hypothyroid and still won't get up or eat.

Dana and John Hubacek brought him some chicken livers and hearts today and he perked up right away so we know there is a happy boy in there somehwere!

I bought this Jumbone for him and he graciously took it but hasn't really chewed on it much, lol. (He was just being polite)


Rosemary Redmond is having a special wheel chair made to support his weight so he can learn to walk and be mobile again. He is going to be a special needs foster boy for quite some time due to the fact he cannot even hold his own weight up to relieve himself. He's such a sweet boy and deserves the chance to lose 70-80 pounds and be healthy again.

Nancy Varnum is fostering Chevy now. After Rosemary picked him up he went to Texas A&M the next day and spent 2 weeks there being treated for a major kidney infection, blood clotting disorder, skin issues, erlichia and hypothyroidism. Texas A&M donated $1000 worth of underwater treadmill therapy for Chevy so he can get back on his feet sooner! Thank you A&M!!!!

Nancy took these pix August 11, 2004. The stuff on his skin is vasculitis, could be from the erlichia or from medications.

He can stand up and walk short distances now!!!

August 19,04 Update

September 7,2004 update

These pix were taken when Chevy was at Texas A&M in the underwater treadill therapy they kindly donated to help this big boy get back on his feet!!

November 7,2004 update

February 23,2005 update

Chevy walks a mile a day now!

Where did dem deer go? I chased dem away once, dey better not come back

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