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Please Help Cliff with his Bloat Surgery

At the time of this writing, we have Cliff, a male Giant approaching his eleventh birthday, recuperating from a spleenectomy and surgery to repair the damage caused by Gastric torsion.

Cliff came to us three years ago, along with three of his kennel mates from Dovre Fjeld kennel in Belgium. The owner was in the process of moving his breeding operation to Tallahassee, Florida and asked if Soo and I would loan him four kennels for a period of three months. Long story short, Cliff’s owner and his business partner had a falling out and we were left to adopt four Giants, which was not a problem knowing that another large scale breeding operation had been put to rest. Cliff, (almost 11), Rex (ten) and Iron (almost 7) have been hard to place due to their age. A puppy that arrived with them was placed in a loving home with the generous help of Deb Stover and GS rescue last Christmas.

Cliff comes from a long line of German working dogs. His father is quite famous and his brothers and sisters have made names for themselves in the German Schutzhund community, but we don’t really know Cliff’s story.

Cliff is a half brother to our beloved Ben and they share many common traits. They are strong, confident dogs, secure in their strength. Cliff is a quiet Giant Schnauzer. He hardly ever barks. He loves to roll around on his back moaning and groaning in contentment and he demands that his water bucket be changed twice a day. No slimy schnauzer water for Cliff!

Not knowing the final outcome or the length of hospital care Cliff might need, the ballpark figure I have received from Dr Flottman, prior to surgery was between 1500 and 2000 dollars. Although he is almost eleven, Cliff eats well, is happy and we’d like to give him a chance at life.

Soo and Gregg Barrow

If you would like to help the Barrows meet Cliff's medical bills please make donations out to:

Lakeview Animal Hospital

and mail to:

Gregg and Soo Barrow
25670 Taylor St
Montgomery, Texas 77356

Giant thank you for helping goes to:

Pam Foster
Margrit Fleming
Tracy Riley
Christine Lessard

day after surgery, Feb 8, 2006

Cliff had his spleen and 1/3 of his stomach removed from loss of blood when he was in torsion. He isn't out of the woods yet but doc was encouraged today.

Cliff passed away early this morning, Feb 10, 2006, due to complications, please keep Gregg and Soo in your prayers.

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