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Hi! Our names are Gretchen and Sophie!

I'm Sophie! I just do what my sister Gretchen does, she's da boss.

I'm Gretchen and I'm da boss of me and my sister

Dis nice lady named Linda came and got us and took us to her place for a couple days then we took a road trip to a new place where we are goig to stay for a while. Dis new lady is named Rita and she has three other dogs who look just like we do, oh boy!

Rita says we are gonna get hair cuts and will look like Giants tomorrow. Then you will be able to see what our heads really look like and we'll be pretty girls again!

We are only able to save lives as a result of the generosity of all the wonderful Rescue benefactors who so generoulsy help many, many Giant in need each and every year.

Greta Hill
Marina Raukverger

UPDATE November 22,03

Gretchen now has her very own Dad and two new bothers! Jack is her new 1 year old Weim bother and Roger is her 15 year old Standard Poodle brother!

Gretchen and her new dad, Frank.

My new brother Jack, with my new dad and me!

Sophie has a new home with Ginger in Nebraska!!

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