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Hi! My name is least that's what my new foster mom here in the Land of the Giants calls me. I'm not really sure how I ended up here, but I sure am glad to be off of death row and on dis soft bed.

My new mom rescued me out of a shelter last Wednesday (10/6/99) because she got email saying I was there and had a badly injured leg.

This is my good back leg. I lay on my bad leg all the time cause I can't get up if I lay on my good back leg. My mom thinks I got hit or ran over and no one had my leg set and casted. I can walk on it a litle bit but I mostly carry it or I'll fall down.

I don't have much hair on my back legs or my butt cause my mom thinks I was outside a lot and layed on rough surfaces and in the dirt to try and keep cool and comfortable. I had some babies too...prolly after I got ran over. My right hip is about 3 inches in front of where it should be and I have a big callouse where my knee should bend.

My skin on my rear is all rough and dry and doesn't have any hair but my mom is giving me something called Evening Primrose. She sez this will make my skin and coat get all better and I'll be pretty again. She also cooks chicken and gives me lotsa fresh veggies and fruit and cottage cheese and pasta!

Dis is me and my mom. She has a broken arm so we both will be in splints later this week. I'm having my leg and hips fixed by an orthopaedic vet (whatever that is). They are going to take pictures of my leg, and pelvis and do some schtuff in dere and put me in a splint too. I don't know what all dis means, but my mom sez I will be able to run and play and not hurt anymore. I can't do very much at all right now. I try to play and swat my mom wif my front feet but I fall down and my mom helps me get back up.

I like my mom a lot. We kiss a whole bunch and she laughs when I clean her ears. I don't know why she doesn't lick my ears too...

My mom put tape on my ear cause it flops over. I wonder why my mom's face keeps flashing at me. I tried to come very close to see about dat.

Dis is a gate my mom made last night. I'm on the other side of it in the kitchen now. My mom sez I will live in here for the next 4-6 months to recupe after my big surgeries this Thursday. I'm getting spayed and a new leg. Then, once I am healed I can go live in a house where I am the only furkid and don't have to listen to dose big black dogs bark at me. I don't like dogs very much and growl at them when I see them. I hafta to protect my mom ya know

Honey is approximately 16 months-2 years old and is very healthy other than her badly mangled leg. Her coat and skin will be in good shape after a little TLC. She is currently on Evening Primrose, Cranberry Caplets, Cephalexin, and rimadyl. Her recovery period is 4-6 months so she will be under veterinarian care for quite a while.

We don't really know the extent of her internal injuries until we have exrays and surgery this Thursday (Oct. 14, 99) when she will also be spayed. She is a super sweet grrl with a strong will to survive. I can't stand thinking of the life she has been robbed of at such an early age. She has had a litter at some point in time and it appears from the position of the leg she was hit and then had the puppies and just managed the best she could.


John & Sheila Murtaugh
Jacquie Blomquist, Bonnie, Maxine and Nicki
A special Angel Friend who wishes to remain anonymous
Brenda Truett
Carroll & Veta Blewster
Joan Storin
Lindsey Smith
Rit & Rosko Cole
Yvette Trahan
Luis Posada, Gateway Sales
Marjorie Cabezas, Jefrey, Chloe and Peaches
Nancy Beck
Cara Cline
Linda Justice
Mary Bristrow & Charm
Ruth Rustad

DFW Sheltie Rescue

Giant Schnauzer Club of America

A Giant thank you to Bobette, John, Marriah & Kaiser Mack for the huge box of wonderful stuffed toys and H20 Aqua Water Dog toys for Honey's p/t in a few weeks!!

Special thanks to Lisa Lipton for seeing Honey in the shelter
and to Linda McKellar of DFW Cares for notifying us.

Also special thanks to Barbara Richardson of Homeward Bound Animal Rescue for telling us about wonderful Dr. Kent Daniels who has put all the broken pieces back together to give this very special grrrl a new lease on life!!

A Giant thank you to Jane Chism, Inca & Majerle for donating groceries and herbal supplements and a big stuffed comfy bed to our Honey grrrl!

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Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels. ~~Hebrews 13:2 (NAB)

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