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Hi! My new name is Jessie. I got pulled from death row yesterday (9/7/01) by a nice lady named Pam. She took me to a doctor and then dis Deb came to pick me up from dis doctor pwace.

Dis is what I looked like before my foster mom gave me a hair cut.

My face is so matted I almost can't open my mouth. Those are mats hanging off my ears too.

At least da people at dis shelter gave me something to rest my old tried bones on in dis run outside where they put me

See my dreadlocks? I been growing dese a long time and they smell real bad.

My skin in all scraped up and has sores all over it. I had a million fweas on me but my foster mom got dem off of me. Dat bald spot on my butt is a big tumor dat sticks up.

Dem big mats on my ears are almost as long as the mats on my face.

My foster mom had to shave my face too because I was such a mess.

Sure feels good to get dat gunk off my face.

My skin sure feels better now since air is touching it again.

I'm so old and tired and weak I have to lay down on dis table while I get my hairs cut.


Jessie is such a sweet baby girl and is just so lost. She was found wandering blindly in the storm on Tuesday night.

Jessie is not a young girl. I'm guessing she is at the very least 10 - 12 years old. She makes my 12 year old look like a pup. She doesn't hear very well and she doesn't see much at all. I think she is very close to being totally blind. She maneuvers around by touching me and staying very close to me. She tries to follow the sound of my voice but her hearing isn't great so she bumps into things and just freezes because she gets lost.

She has skin lesions all over, was absolutely infested with fleas and has a nasty vaginal discharge we think is pyometra. She had shots yesterday and will be spayed on Monday if she is up to it. The infection is obviously a bad one but it presents a catch 22 because I don't think she is strong enough to go through a surgery right now. I'd like a CBC done first and maybe pump her up with antiobiotics for a week or so. Vet did give her cephalexin but I don't think he realizes how old she is. If we spay, we get rid of the cause of infection but can she make it through being this weak? I'll see what Doc sez on Monday and will update then.

If you would like to make a donation to help with medical expenses and fostering for Jessie we would greatly appreciate it. She is obviously going to be here a while and in and out of the vet a few times to get her back in good shape.


Giant hugs and kisses to the following Special Friends for helping this sweet old angel girl:

Eddie Flores
Jane Hagner
Barb Reinert
Carol Lerner
Peaches Matyaszek
Patrice Lockhart
Carol Hayman
Laurie Shwiff
Barbara Belzer
Sally Hamilton
suzie Ruggeri
Margo Slaughter
Caroline and Dallas Meek D.V.M.
Dr. Lynn Risser

UPDATE: Monday, Sept 10,01

Jessie came thru her spay just fine, thank God! She did have pyometra and had had it for some time according to Dr. Carroll. She is on cephalexin for the infection that has beenin her body for so long and we now have drops for her eyes 2-3 times a day for the rest of her life. Doc sez her blindness could probably have been prevented if her eyes had been medicated with drops each day. i think she can see a little better with the drops in, they sure look better and she seemed to follow me a bit with her eyes after i cleaned all the goop out.

We'll have the tumor/abcess thing removed from her backend when she is more up to snuff and I'll do a thyroid check once her system is stablized and healthy again. She will also go see an eye specialist once she is feeling well and healthy again. Doc sez her eyes might can be fixed if the damage isn't too bad. All of this could have been avoided by proper care of this sweet girl. She has just been subjected to an unfair amount of abuse and neglect and as a result she is pretty blind, partially deaf and acts and looks like a 10-12 year old girl. Doc thinks she is 7-8 based on her teeh as they are not worn down at all. They are green and nasty but they re not worn down so I believe he is right.

UPDATE: Tuesday, Sept 11,01

Jessie slept well last night and didn't make any of those awful crying noises she had been making at night. She ate a good breakfast this morning and while she is very sore and still a little groggy she followd me outside earlier to pick up the yard. She is feeling better already but total recovery for this sweet old girl is going to take some time. she didn't get into this horrendous shape overnight so it will take me some time to get her back to health.

She and my Hannah (12) and Jones can all be out together. She and Hannah seem to havwe an understanding between them that they are kinda in the same boat, seniors girls who are just content to sleep and be left alone, lol. That's all for now, please keep this swet old girl in your prayers.

UPDATE: Monday, Sept 17,01

Please keep Jessie in your prayers today as she is at the vet with a possible intestinal obstruction. We had a rough weekend and she is not doing well at all. She threw up her breakfast on Sat afternoon and I saw some clear plastic wrap and some kind of paper in it. She seemd to feel better after that but refused her dinner. She has been drinking tons of water (more than usual) and most of yesterday there was little change. I am afraid she may have some garbage lodged from being on the street which would require serious surgery.

UPDATE: Tuesday, Sept 18,01

Jessie isn't doing so well and will be undergoing exploratory surgery tomorrow to find out what is going on inside. She had a major "blow out" during the night so obviously stuff is getting through her intestinesbut something is still amiss. Nothing shows up on the radiographs, even after the barium shot. Doc has her on IV's now and is not even giving water as she is throwing that up too so there is definitely a blockage of some type. He was hesitant to believe there was an obstruction because she was barking and carrying on in true Giant form. I told him these guys nearly have to be dead before you know they are sick, so when they really are there isn't a lot of time sometimes. He said next time he will know, lol. I stopped by to hug Jessie and take her a rope toy with all our scents on it so she will know we are with her. Soooooooo, tomorrow she will have exploratory surgery provided the BUN and CBC look good again. He wants to make sure her kidneys are damaged before he goes in since she is drinking so much water. Bladder function was good so he wasn't worried about that and the stuff from the "blow out" came from the colon so he said tht was good.

Please keep Jessie in your prayers and that doc finds what is making her so uncomfortable and causing all these probs for this sweet girl. She is not happy about being there but she did recognize my voice and wagged when I went in the run to love on her.

In loving memory of Jessie
September 18/19, 01

Jessie had another blow out in and died in the night at the clinic. The necropsy showed her abdomen to be full of infection so her body couldn't fight off all the infection being in the poor, weakened shape she was in when we pulled her from the shelter 11 days ago. I am heartbroken. I so wanted her to know love and feel safe and have a second chance to enjoy life and be treated like a special girl for the rest of her life. I'm sorry Jessie, I'm sorry we couldn't make you well. I will see you at the Bridge someday my little friend.

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