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Hi! My new name is Lucy. Dis nice guy found me wandering da streets of Dallas and let me stay at his place for a few days. Then he took me to dis house wif dis nice gal named Mary and a big boy like me named Milo!

Dis is me on dat guy's patio.

Dis is me in Milo's kitchen.

Me and Milo are taking a nap, I'm on da right.

Yo! Let me back in da house!

I know dat rabbit is in dere, I could eat him if I could get in dere.

Mary gave me a nice haircut so you can see what I really look like now!

See how pretty I look now? Fanks, Mary! I needed dat haircut!

Lucy has been chillin with Mary and Milo for a couple days and will come to Land of the Giants tomorrow evening. Tuesday she will go see doc and have a full check up, HW and thyroid test and be spayed, provided there is nothing wrong with her.


Lucy is now UTD on all her shots, tested neg for HW and got spayed today. Dunno the result of the thyroid test yet, those take a couple days to get back. She is resting quietly in her crate and still kinda groggy from being put under for the surgery. Lucy got a clean bill of health, yea!!!!!

Lucy is a high energy kind of girl and probably would do best in a home with a VERY active individual. She would do fine with a male dog but not another female as she is a dominant bitch. She LOVES to playwith her toys and loves for you to throw them so she can go get them. Lucy is a very strong girl and likes to play rough with her toys and with me.

Lucy also knows some obedience commands and knows a couple hand signals so someone has obviously spent time with her. Lucy is a real happy girl and quite a character, she has a great sense of humor and likes herself a lot.

August 17, 02 UPDATE

I've been trying to catch Lucy flirting with herself in the bathroom mirrors. She stands on her back legs with her front feet hanging over the counter and just wags and wags and flirts with "dat dog in da mirra". I heard her down the hall and much to my surprise, this is what I found, lol.

Do ya mind?...I'm not done yet, just let me get my lip stick on.

Lucy, renamed Kendall now lives in Phoenix with her mom, Kelly! Kelly and her mom drove all the way from Phoenix to Dallas to get her new girl and it was love at first sight!

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