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Hi! My name is Missy!

Dis nice gal named Yolanda came on Wednesday (10/8/03) to take me to her house where there is another girl who looks like me and some other kids who have no legs! I fink dey might be aliens!

I'm in front of dat granny Sacha girl!

I'm getting some lovin and wondering if dat schtuff on da table is for me!

Missy is the product of a back yard breeder in Missouri producing a litter specifically to be sold to Lambriar( listed with USDA/APHIS as dealer/broker) which is the Hunte Corporation's largest commerical breeder/broker that sells specifically to pet stores, mainly Petland whose parent company is Hunte.

Missy's grandsire is from Skansen, bred to a bitch obtained from a back yard breeder. This is a prime example of why it is SO important to screen any and all buyers and to spay/neuter any and all dogs going to any place other than a show home! This type of irresponsibility on the part of many breeders is the main reason we see so many dogs needing to be rescued and rehomed. Many byb's get their start by going to other byb's and commerical breeders to obtain "breeding stock" to perpetuate the problem of way too many dogs being sold without a care of where they are going or whether they will be bred or not. This is NOT responsible breeding or anything to be proud of.

Missy was more than likely trucked across the country in the back of a semi by Hunte to the pet store in Las Vegas where she was purchased as an older puppy. Hunte loads hundreds of puppies into crates where they live and are not taken out until arriving at the destination pet store, sometimes being in the back of the semi for as long as 5 days. Not all puppies arrive alive.

Missy IS hypothyroid and currently is a bit anemic and under weight. She will be checked again in a few weeks to see if the anemia is gone and see if the dosage needs to be adjusted and if this is a temporary thing as a result of previous neglect or a life time thing.

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