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Meet Nookie! She was transported to me from a Conroe, TX shelter because someone there thought she was a shaved down Giant....with a tail! But, alas, she is not a Giant, she is a shaved down Portuguese Water Dog!

Nookie is a high energy girl and would do great with a single gal or a couple of gals. She does not like men so she really needs to be with someone who doesn't have alot of guys around.

Nookie is also an escape artist, according to her foster mom, which is probably how she ended up in the shelter in Conroe. She definitely needs to not be left outside unattended!

Nookie also loves to fetch and will fetch as long as you can throw. I think she would be a great agility/obedience dog for some active gal(s). If you are interested in adopting Nookie and are in the DFW area-give or take a couple hours in either direction, send me an email.

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