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Roxie is a spayed female black Giant Schnauzer, 5 years old, cropped ears and docked tail. She was relinquished to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa because of some health problems. Roxie has low thyroid, incontinence and some skin issues with yeast, that are all under treatment. She also has some neurological problems with her hind quarters but she is getting along fine, walking and running with just occasional toe drags. She is negative on heartworm and has been on preventative. Roxie took a few days to warm up to our staff, but is now fun and affectionate with most people. The owner reported she was not good with children or men, but she does fine if introduced to men. We have not exposed her to children. She was just shaved a week ago and was terribly matted when we got her. I would welcome inquiries from anyone who might be interested in adopting her. She loves to play, and will retrieve but after about 10-20 minutes is ready for a break. Her medications will be lifetime commitments, so anyone interested in her should be able to budget that in.

Roxie is currently in Des Moines, Iowa at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. Contact information below. Please give Roxie a chance, she is one of those dogs that really catches your heart!!!

Paula Sunday
Animal Rescue League of Iowa
515-262-9503 x 108
Dog Behavior Counselor

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