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San Antonio Rose

Hi! My new name is San Antonio Rose but you can call me Rose.

Dis nice gal named Stacey came on Sunday to take me to her house. Two nice ladies in San Antonio picked me up off the street cause I was lost. They had dese little dogs that looked a lot like me.

Rose was found on Saturday the 27th wandering the streets of San Antonio. A nice lady took her in and gave her a bath. The lady that found her was sure she was somebody's pet, so she put up fliers and was going to keep her until the owner showed up. Well, Rose is kinda a pushy dominant girl and didn't get along real well with the lady's three Miniature Schnauzers, so she called Deb for help.

Deb called me to see if I could foster Rose. I drove down and picked her up Sunday afternoon. She rode in a crate in my van just fine, not a peep out of her. Got her home and realized her furnishings would have to come off because they were so badly matted. She is a medium coat. pretty harsh texture on the jacket, even clippered but she does have a good deal of furnishings. She has her front dew claws still.

Rose is docked and cropped. She has had a litter before, maybe within the last 3 months because she has very little muscle tone. She is a complete DOLL with people. Incredibly lovable. Tried to introduce her to Lukas and that didn't go too well. She does NOT like cats. I took her to the Vet this morning to weigh her and have her scanned for chips. Nothing there either. She weighed 72 pounds, probably due to the lack of muscle. The Lady in San Antonio is running an ad in the paper, calling the local shelters, putting up fliers etc. to see if an owner can be found. I scheduled an appt. to have all of her vetted and get her spayed on Oct. 6th.

Rose came to us from Texas. Magnum and I were looking on the rescue website...when he saw her picture - he howled. I flipped through more pictures....every time I came to her picture, he howled.

We drove down to get her from Stacey Reynolds who had been fostering her. We arrived on January 2nd, 2004 - Rose got out, met us, kissed us, got in the truck and away we went. She was the perfect traveler for the 17 hour drive. We hit snow on the way home so had to stop for a few hours rest. This was the first time that sweetheart had seen snow....little did I even realize that till we had walked and walked and played and walked in the foot deep snow....finally to bed we go!!! She could not decide who to sleep with - me or my son Eric - she bed hopped all night long.

Arrived to meet Magnum....oh boy! He was happy to see her - and she was not happy to meet him. The fight was on. we crate and explore...crate and explore. It took several weeks before they decided to play nice. We had a few tiffs...but they decided it was going to be ok. They are inseperable now.

Rose had a tough time figuring out the stairs in the house - ended up jumping down the flights of stairs and stretching out as tall as could be to get up them....would not go down to the basement for weeks....finally she decided to see Eric, she would do it. It was funny to watch her and to see her learning to trust us. She did master the dog door within a few days. She loves everyone, hates cats. Has learned to look out the window on the stand that Mark, my husband made for her and Magnum.

Food was a real issue with her for the first month...and now knows that she will be fed - and she can feel safe knowing she will not starve. She has gained some weight....and does leave food in her bowl now. That is a tremendous step in trusting that we will care for her.

Rose is silly, funny, runs and plays great, loves toys - has her own toy box filled with all kinds of toys that she takes outside one by one when I vacuum the house. She is a sweetheart and a very loving girl. She kisses Magnum, kisses his ears and has learned to rippppppp.

Thank you so much for this precious girl. Magnum picked her - and we are keeping her. She is wonderful.

Jolie, Mark, Eric, Magnum and Rose.
One happy family.

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