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Hi! Our names are Sam and Breeze...and we are staying here in da Land of the Giants wif our foster mom and 5 other Giants who live here all da time.

I'm Sam and I will be 7 in January. I had two other homes before dis one and I'm not sure what happened, but my foster mom came to dis shelter where I had been living for THREE WEEKS and took me to dis place with black dogs that look a lot like me!

Boy, dis soft rug feels a wot better dan dat hard cold floor in da shelter!

Sam is a Pepper/Salt Giant male who was neutered on Dec. 14,00 and tested positive for heartworms. We will be having him re-tested and then begin treatment if he truly is positive. His activity will need to be restricted for several weeks depending on the severity of the heartworms. The treatment is costly and can be hard on the dog if he has had them for any length of time.

Sam is a very sweet, well mannered, quiet boy and is content just to be close to me. He gets real excited when we hug and wags his whole butt real big. He is very spry and needs to gain about 8-10 pounds as he is too skinny. Some of this may be due to the heartworms, or it could be because he wasn't on a good diet or didn't eat well in the shelter. He is eating raw meat and veggies and seems to like it for the most part. He doesn't love the veggie meal but he does eat most of it. He really LOVES his raw hamburger though.

UPDATE January 17, 2001

Today is Sam's 7th birthday and his present was being left at the clinic for his first heartworm treatment, poor guy. he has to stay the night so he can have another immiticide injection exactly 24 hours a part from'the first injection he will get today. The injections go right into the muscle along the lower spone so this is a painful treatment, but necessary to kill the heartworms.

January 19,2001 I got to pick Sam up this morning and he seems to be ok even though I can tell he is very sore. I picked him up before work so he could come home and rest.

Sam had a rough night tonight, he stomach was very hard and distended like a bloat dog looks only he isn't bloated. He is urinating huge amounts and visibly in a lot of pain. I stayed up with him all night and called the vet a couple times in the middle of the night to see if we need to go to the ER. She said I could give him an etogesic to help ease the pain and the immiticide makes some dogs urinate massive amounts for the first 24 hours after the lst injection. So it was a long night but Sam finally quit urinating massive amounts about about 12 hours and was able to get some sleep.

Sam is staying on the etogesic for a week to 10 days because his back is very, very sore where they gave the injections. He has to stay quiet for the next 6 weeks but that won't be a prob as he is too sore to move! he isn't a terribly active boy anyway so it won't be hard to keep him quiet while the HW break uo and move out of his system.

6 weeks later~~Sam has gotten good reports at each check up and is heartworm free now, yea!!!!!!!!

UPDATE March 2001

Sam is gonna stay here in the Land of Giants as our Goodwill Ambasador for Rescue. He loves my grrrlz and they love him so at this point it wouldn't be very nice to uproot him again.

My Sammy boy died unexpectedly at the ER on Dec 13, 2005 at 2:38 in my arms. He heart started racing and after two and half hours of working to get the heart rate lowered he just died. Our 5 year anniversay from my puling him form the shelter would have been in 6 days on the 19th. Sam would have been 12 on January 17, 2006. Sleep in peace my sweet boy.

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Sam's Pedigree

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