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Giant Schnauzer Rescue Protocol Handbook

by Miriam Rose

A quality breeder will educate potential puppy buyers on the true nature of the Giant Schnauzer and potential inherited health problems of the breed.

A quality breeder will exhibit his or her dogs, either in conformation or performance competition, to demonstrate the caliber they claim their dogs possess.

A quality breeder will be able to offer a meaningful answer (having to do with the betterment of the breed) to the question "Why did you breed this litter?"

A quality breeder will be able to point out the sire and dam's flaws as well as their positive attributes.

A quality breeder will have conformation and performance champions in both parents' pedigrees.

A quality breeder has no less than a three-generation pedigree for the litter, with at least 50% of the puppies' ancestors having OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) hip ratings of Good or Excellent. Both parents will have been OFA'd with certificates for each. An OFA number will appear on the pedigree for each dog tested.

A quality breeder has had both parents CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) tested to be free from genetic eye defects with certificates for each parent. A CERF number will be on the pedigree for each dog tested.

A quality breeder has had both parents' Thyroid function tested and certified as normal with a certificate for each parent. Certifying numbers for such will appear on the pedigree for each dog tested.

A quality breeder is prepared and willing to take back any dog they've bred at any time of the dog's life.

Are the ears cropped or natural? Tails docked? Dewclaws removed?

A quality breeder will have evaluated the litter for structure and temperament, and will have written or video records of the evaluations available to the puppy buyers. The puppies will be readily identifiable by color-coding or some other method to differentiate them from one another and track their physical and temperamental progress.

A quality breeder will be able to explain how they have socialized the puppies to new people, settings, sounds, surfaces, etc. and to advise puppy buyers on housebreaking and leash training their new puppy.

A quality breeder will insist on selling non-show puppies on a limited registration to control future indiscriminate breeding or placement with puppy mills. This demonstrates the breeder's commitment to the quality and value of bloodlines they have bred in their dogs. More importantly, this is the clearest signal of the breeder's concern for the future of the puppies they produce.

A quality breeder will not sell a puppy to just anyone. They will investigate the prospective buyers to ensure they will provide a suitable home. They will refer buyers to resources such a veterinarian, a training school, and a good groomer.

A quality breeder will provide a medical record and a feeding schedule for each puppy, along with a favorite toy or familiar item to help the puppy's transition to a new home.

A quality breeder will willingly put any verbal guarantee or representation in writing for the prospective puppy buyer. Buyers should expect a 48-hour guarantee under which the puppy can be returned for a full refund if it doesn't pass their vet's examination. Also, buyers should expect a two-year guarantee against hereditary defects, including bad temperament.

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