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Rehoming your Giant

If you have made the decision to rehome your Giant we can offer these suggestions to help you find the perfect home for your Giant. Due to the rapidly growing number of Owner Surrender Giants we are no longer able to take in your Giant at this time. As a responsible owner you will need to go through the process of finding a home for your Giant yourself. It doesn't happen over night and it does take time and patience to find the perfect match for your giant so they aren't bounced around or end up in an abusive situation.

The first and most important thing to do is contact your breeder and let them know you can no longer keep your dog. ALL of our responsible/reputable breeders WILL take their dogs back, most with no questions asked. Unfortunately, we have an enormous number of back yard breeders who have spawned from our giant puppy mill who have no intentions of taking anything they bred back. All they care about is making money so if you purchased your Giant from one of our less than reputable breeders, you will need to make the placement as a responsible GS owner your self. Please let us know if your breeder refuses to take your dog back so we can add them to our databse of irresponsible breeders.

1. Make sure your Giant is spayed/neutered and up to date on shots.

2. Start telling your family and friends you are wanting to place your Giant

3. You can place an ad in the paper to get applicants but DO NOT say "free to good home" as that only attracts brokers, those who sell to research labratories and those who fight dogs, they use "free to good homes" dogs as bait for dog fighting rings.

4. IF you get any response from the ad, ask plenty of questions about the potential adopter. Ask all the information you need to know before placing your dog with them. What kind of fence do they have, do they have kids, other animals, what is the sex of the other animals, how old are the kids, etc. Ask questions that pertain to your dogs specifically.

5. If someone doesn't sound like a good match just tell them you have had second thoughts and thank them for calling.

6. Go with your gut. If you have any bad feelings or red flags in your gut after speaking to someone don't do it!

7. Get their veterinarian's name and comtact info so you can call and ask what kind of care they take of their other animals.

8. Ask for personal references to contact.

9. Go to their house and do a homecheck

10. Let them meet your Giant at your house to get a clear picture of how your giant reacts to them.

11. Take your giant to their house and see how your giant reacts to their house and people there.

These are all the things we do to find perfect, forever homes for our rescue dogs. Its takes time but it is worth it if you really care about your dog and how they will spend the rest of their life! You might get lucky and find a great home in a week or two, or it could take months. Its really going to depend on how aggressively you pursue this and how much work you put into finding your Giant a home where they will be spending the rest of their life! You don't want your dog bouncing from home to home and adding even more to the number of giants needing homes.

This doesn't mean that whom ever you contact from our Network will not be able to help you. They just may not be able to take your dog and house your dog at that very moment, if at all. They may still be able to help you find a home and help with screening potential adopters or any number of things while your dog stays at your house. Most of us are full all the time now and we only have so much room in our homes for other peoples dogs. And to be honest, dogs that are in danger of being put to sleep or on death row have priority. Rescue is about saving lives, not providing a dumping ground because the dog has become inconvenient. Dogs have become such a large part of the "throw away" society we live in that shelters and recues are overwhelmed with the number of people not keeping their commitment to their Giants any more. We simply have no place to put all these dogs any more. The best we can do is educate the person who no longer wants their Giant and teach them how to find a good home the responsible way.


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