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Here are a number of valuable email lists dedicated to transportation by volunteers of rescue dogs all over the country:

If you would like to post your request to any/all of the appropriate lists, you DO need to become a member of each list, in order to be able to write your posts to them.

This list is for pets in need, especially puppy-mill dogs, to get to their forever homes.

Pet Transport Net
This list is for requesting or volunteering to transport a rescued pet to its new forever home.

Dog Rescue Railroad
This is a place to post your transportation needs.

Our main purpose is for the transportation of special needs, older, and/or abused animals, however we will never turn away any animal that needs to get somewhere.

Open to members of all transport/rescue groups, this forum is for dog rescuers to request and co-ordinate shelter pulls, foster-care, home visits and transport within California, Oregon, Washing and B.C. regions.

Rescue Transport
This list is dedicated to the transportation of Rescue animals. It is a resource in the transportation needs of rescue animals.

The purpose of this group is to help in arranging transport, to provide support for "Animal Angels" who need it in this stressful duty, and to help in finding animals of all sorts a happy loving home or foster home.

Pet Travel
This is a list where you can post if you are trying to set up transportation for an animal.

The purpose of this list is to network animal lovers throughout California and neighboring states in an attempt to transport dogs in need to new homes, rescue groups, etc. Areas covered: CA, OR, WA, BC, ID, NV, UT, AZ
For further information, go to:

Rolling Rescue
Rolling Rescue is a place for rescues needing transport and transport volunteers to find each other Our mission is to recruit truckers, RVers, commuters, and anyone else who travels to the network to help move rescued animals to safety in a rescue or from a rescue to their new adoptive homes.

Dalmatian Overland Transport Service Sign-up Form

All Breed Rescue
This list is to find volunteers to pull dogs from shelters or foster or keep them overnight for transportation and to transport dogs anywhere from to 50 - 100 miles per leg.

This list is for posting requests for transporting rescue dogs to their forever homes or into foster care. It is also for people wanting to help in transporting these dogs.

This list is for assisting rescues and shelters in finding drivers to take dogs to rescue/forever homes.

We are a group comprised of Rescuers who transport, Transporters who rescue, or Big Hearted Animal Loving volunteers willing to help with both.

This is a transport group for EMERGENCY needs such as last minute rescue from a dog pound.

Illinois Animal Transporters
This group's sole intention is to transport rescued animals throughout the state of Illinois from shelters or animal control centers, to foster care or to their forever homes. You do not have to live in Illinois to join.

Rescue Transporters
This site records known meeting areas along the highways, both good and bad, including a hotel locator, to help get driving directions and make transports much easier to set up.

Mary in PA

If you would like to help support Giant Rescue and this site we greatly appreciate it!


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