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These dogs and bitches have produced variousauto-immune diseases, genetic defects that can be avoided by NOT breeding animals that produce these genetic diseases. The affected puppies do not outgrow these diseases and some "breeders" state and have to be given drugs their entire lives. Many dogs die early and painful deaths depending on the type of auto-immune disease they have.

Names that are an active link have 3 generation pedigree. I do the peds as time permits.

Ch. Blacknight Rolling Thunder   Hiddenfalls Black Pepper       9/25/98   AIHA     1
Ch.Blue Chip Strike the Gold v Kit     Blue Chip Deja Vu     4/10/02 AIHA     1
Ch. Bluechip Piano Man   Ch.Dragonair's Bluechip E'Diamond     6/23/93 hypothyroid, Krohns     2
Ch Delarive 'N He Kisses Good   Ch Bluechip Deja Vu     9/17/99 hypothyroidism, SLO       2
Ch. Keystones Geronimo Wildman    Ch. Keystone's Winsome Rolls Royce     4/11/0 auto-immune hypothyroidism, epilepsy,
quamous cell carcinoma
Keystones' Miss Molly   Mariah Mister Max     8/27/98 hypothyroidism     1
Ch. Debussey VD Noorderenk   Ch. My Ownly Lewdnluscious V Keay     7/7/95 hypothyroidism     1
CH. Lindsayleigh's Liefhond's Reu   CH. Liefhond's Fresia     3/2001 Lupus     1
CH. Lindsayleigh's Liefhond's Reu   CH. Liefhond's Fresia     3/7/2000 hypothyroidism,
Histiocytosis Pyogranuloma
epilpesy, HD
Ch.Lucas de Campo De Oro   Skansen's Toki     5/3/97 Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy     1
Ch Momentumm Knight Show V Magic   Ch Bigfoot's Riegel Impressions     10/24/1993 hypothyroidism     
Ch Momentumm Stryker At Legacy Legacy's Lyrical Song V Sky   11/27/02 hypothyroidism     
Nightline Easy Rider CH Nightline Diva By Design   9/1/2003 hypothyroid     1
Ch.Ruster's the Dark Command Ch. Ruster's Colors of the Wind   7/2001 auto-immune thyroiditis     1
Ch.Ruster's the Dark Command Ch. Ruster's March Madness auto-immune thyroiditis     1
Scelli's Ebony MacMillian Mom's Ragan Rose   5/27/06 Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia     1
Skansen's Never Ending Story Sandmoore's Big Doll   9/16/93 AIHA     1
Ch.Skansen's Magnetic Storm Ch. Skansen's Mayfair   9/27/91 hypothyroidism, epilepsy,
muscle wasting,
Skansen's Raja de Pichera Skansen's Seasons Greetings   3/17/95 hypothyroidism,incontinence/font>     2
Ch Skansen's Ryhthm and Blues Hiddenfalls Dangerous Lady   9/23/96 toe cancer, incontinence, Hypothyroidism     3
Skansen's Rhythm and Blues Skansen's Until We Meet Again   1/20/02 hypothyroidism     1
Ch. Skansen's Tartuffe Ch. Keystone's Mikala v Indeed   12/11/99 auto-immune thyroidism     1
Ch.Skansen's U.P.S. Skansen's Vivacious   1/31/2000 hypothyroidism     1
Ch.Skansen's U.P.S. Skansen's Window Shopper   6/27/02 hypothyroidism, incontinence, toe cancer     3
Ch. Skansen's Truman Ch. Skansen's Unstopable   2/20/8 hypothyroidism, seizures     2
Ch. Starrs Drum Solo CH. Nightline Adrenaline Rush   1/11/01 hypothyroidism     1
Thunder Pawz Sapphire Babe Moonlightings Alabar   10/18/1995 hypothyroidism     1
Tranron's Bue Bobi Bluechip Pandemonium   03/03/1994 hypothyroidism     1

Breeding pairs 27 Total 41

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