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The information submitted in this survey is intended to provide the names of Giants who produce auto-immune diseases. This has become a serious health defect in our breed and there is no reason for it to be this way. Responsible breeders DO NOT continue to breed animals who they know produce any genetic defect, nor do they deny ever producing it or blame the owner for a genetic defect they knowingly have produced repeatedly for decades.

Personal information will not be revealed.

I will publish 3 generation pedigrees in addition to the information provided here if you will email them to me

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Veterinarian's Name who treated this:
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Does your giant have an auto-immune disease?

List auto-immune disease(s) your GS has.

Registered name of Sire

Registered name of dam

Date of Birth of your dog

If your GS is a rescue with auto-immune, do you know who the breeder is?

Who is the breeder of your dog?

Did you contact the breeder of your GS with auto-immune disease?

What did your breeder say when you told them your GS has auto-immune?


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