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These dogs and bitches have produced incontinence, a genetic defect that can be avoided by NOT breeding animals that produce this. The affected puppies do not outgrow it as some breeders have stated. Affected giants (mostly bitches) have to be given drugs, phenylpropanolamine to control it their entire lives. (contrary to what certain breeders say) This incontinence is not the same thing as spay incontinence which is caused by a hormonal imbalance.

Blackbeard's Hey Look Me Over   CH. Blackbeard's Amy V. Starogart     2-24-93 incontinent, HD     2
Ch Blacknight Rolling Thunder   Hiddenfalls Black Pepper      9-25-98 (2) incontinent(2), AIHA     3
Delarive 'N he Kisses Good Bluechip Deja Vu      9/17/99 incontinent, epilepsy,
hypothyroidism, SLO
El Lobo Legacy   El Lobo Molly Go Lightly     5/8/2002 incontinent, epilepsy     2
Ch. Homestead's Cast A Giant Shadow   Compri's Kava of Homestead     7/21/93 incontinent, toe cancer     2
Ch. Ingebar's Uri Geller   Delarive Kalina Kai      incontinent     1
Ch. J-Starrs Drum Solo CH. Nightline Adrenaline Rush   1/11/01 incontinent,
Kanaka's Luciano   Morganstar's Princess Sophianbsp;    4/17/05 incontinent     1/font>
Ch. Keystone's Lucas V Hatten   Ch. Keystone's Mayas Wild Hatten     5/30/00 incontinent, HD     2
Kyoko LS Von Portenschlag   Skansen's Tuxedo    incontinent     1
CH. Lindsayleigh's Liefhond's Reu
this pair was breed 3 years in succession,
produced a mix of these issues in 3 diff litters
all in one dog from 2000 litter
CH. Liefhond's Fresia   3/7/2000 incontinent (2)
Histiocytosis Pyogranuloma
toe cancer
Lindsayleigh's Winston McKay Lindsayleigh's Roxy   5/1/2002 incontinent     1
Ch.Lucas de Campo De Oro Ch.Skansen's Picadilly    incontinent     1
Ch.Lucas de Campo De Oro Skansen's Rickshaw   6/8/96 incontinent     1
Ch. Quovadis Van de Havenstad Skansen's Sunshine   10/29/96 incontinent     1
Ch.Ramahills Klark Kent Prunella von Silberwald   07/26/92 incontinent     1
Ch. Ruster's On Wings of Eagles Ch Ruster's Sunset Serenade   7/14/01 incontinent     1
Ch. Ruster's the Dark Command Ch. Ruster's Colors of the Wind   7/01 incontinent, auto-immune thyroiditis     2
Ch. Ruster's the Dark Command Ch Ruster's Amplified Heart   7/14/01 incontinent, SLO     2
Ch. Ruster's the Dark Command Ruster's Fantastic Point O'Vue   6/22/00 incontinent     1
Ch. Ruster's the Dark Command Schlafer's Fancy Black Satin   9/6/02 incontinent     1
Ch. Ruster's the Dark Command Ch. Skansen's Gullivers Travels   8/15/02 incontinent,epilepsy     2
Ch. Skansen's Der Figaro v Kobuch Skansen's Expensive One   9/7/81 incontinent     1
Ch. Skansen's Gentleman Thief
Skansen's Nadia
  2/13/91 incontinent     1
Skansen's Jokers Wild Skansen's Handpicked For Show   3/19/86 incontinent     1
Ch.Skansen's Magnetic Storm Ch. Skansen's Mayfair   9/27/91 incontinence,hypothyroidism
epilepsy, muscle wasting,
Ch. Skansen's Magnetic Storm Skansen's I Love to Fly   12/31/1991 incontinent, toe cancer     2
Skansen's Quidame Skansen's University Grad   3/30/2000 incontinent, epilepsy     1
Skansen's Raja de Pichera Skansen's Seasons Greetings   3/17/95 hypothyroidism,incontinence/font>     2
Ch. Skansen's Rembrandt II Ch. Skansen's Riot Act   7/27/95 incontinent, hypothyroid     2
Skansen's Robie Catch A Thief Zauber Schatten V Silber Wald   5/26/91 incontinent, epilepsy     2
Ch Skansen's Ryhthm and Blues Hiddenfalls Dangerous Lady   9/23/96 incontinent,
toe cancer 5 toes
Skansen's Silver Dollar Skansen's Saga    incontinent     1
Ch Skansen's Truman Skansen's Taipei   1/9/98 incontinent     1
Ch. Skansen's UPS Skansen's Honey   03/24/98 incontinent     1
Ch. Skansen's UPS Skansen's Window Shopper   6/27/02 incontinent,hypothyroidism,
toe cancer
Skansen's Wall Street at Garoco Skansen's Hollywood Blvd   4/9/01 incontinent     1
Am.Ch. Skansen's Winston Churchill Skansen's X-Cerpe    incontinent     1
Thelonius V. Silber Wald Skansen's Summa Cum Laude   3/18/95 incontinent     1
Topsides Black Tip Tuxedo Liberated Jazz   04-11-03 incontinent     1
Breeding pairs 39 Total 74

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