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These dogs and bitches have produced toe cancer. This has become a serious health defect in our breed and has taken the lives of many Giants of all ages.

Erko v Monchbrunnen Perle v Hoernerburg   8/23/91 toe cancer     1
Ch. Foxwood Incognito Foxwood Cosmopolitan   4/21/98 toe cancer     1
Ch. Homestead's Cast a Giant Shadow Ch. Compri's Kava of Homestead   7/21/93 squamous cell carcinoma     1
Ch. Keystones Geronimo Wildman Ch. Keystone's Winsome Rolls Royce   4/11/01 squamous cell carcinoma auto-immune hypothyroidism
Ch. Keystone's Lucas V Hatten Ch. Hatten's Gaboon Renewed   5-98 toe cancer     1
Ch Lucas de Campos de Oro Ch. Skansen's Strawberry Daquiri   6/28/94 squamous cell carcinoma     1
Ch Lucas de Campos de Oro Skansen's Sky Watch   2/14/96 squamous cell carcinoma     1
Ch Raja de Pichera Ch Skansen's Premier Crus   11-4-1994 squamous cell carcinoma     3 toes
CH Rusters Dos Equis Rusters Tumbling Tumbleweed   9/25/01 toe cancer     1
Ch. Skansen's Double Diamond Schoenika's Lalapaluza V Raz   7/18/86 Squamous cell carcinoma     1
S and H Sir Barnabe S and H Big Bertha   7/29/99 toe cancer     1
Ch. Skansens Black Warrior Rave's Zoe Von Garten Der Braves   12/12/2001 toe cancer     1
Ch. Skansen's Front Page News Ch. Skansen's Devils Advocate   12/92 litter toe cancer     1
Ch. Skansen's Magnetic Storm Ch. Skansen's I Love to Fly   12/31/91 toe cancer     1
Ch. Skansen's Quidame Skansen's Riviera   03/25/96 Squamous cell carcinoma
malignant melanoma
Ch Skansen's Ryhthm and Blues Hiddenfalls Dangerous Lady   9/23/96 (2) toe cancer
Skansen's Tuva Skansen's Sonic   10/12/97 Squamous cell carcinoma     1
Ch.Skansen's U.P.S. Skansen's Window Shopper   6/27/02 toe cancer
Vasco V. Elberfeld Wonne V. Elberfeld   Sept 11, 2000 malignant melanoma, insulinoma     2
Breeding pairs 19 Total 25

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