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Genetic incontinence vs. spay incontinence

We have a very serious problem in our breed with incontinence. Giant Schnauzers a genetic defect that started with a dog Skansen imported in the late 70's/ early 80's. Of course, she bred him to every thing in season for a few years. He produced beautiful get and their get produced beautiful offspring.

Bitches leak urine when they sleep or over exert themesleves when playing hard. This CANNOT be fixed with surgery and in most cases they DO NOT "outgrow" this as breeders who produce will tell you because that is what YOU need to hear to make the purchase.

This is NOT an eckto-ureter. This is different and not the same thing as spay incontinence which can happen in any breed when the bitch is sapyed. That incontinence can be controlled with DES (doggie estrogen from your vet). The genetic defect incontinence CANNOT be controlled with DES. Many times it can be controlled or kept to a minimum with phenylpropanolamine (PPA) which you can purchase at your vet under the name of Pro In. The PPA will dry the bitch up and if you re lucky can be controlled weith one pill once a day, maybe one pill twice a day. Many bitches still leeak urine even on the medication so its a messy disease to live with. Its not the bitches fault it is the fault of the breeder who knows their bloodlines produce this and choose to breed them anyway.

The mass producer who produces several serious health issues in our breed, not only denies ever producing sick dogs then blames the owner for not feeding raw food, or blames it on vaccinations (this is not even a symptom of vaccinosis, lol). This breeder knew she produced in the early 80's and admitted back then, now she denies it and threatens those who speak openly about it with law suits. You can see this does not intimidate me at all.

No one had ever had this problem or heard of it until they bred to Ch. Skansen's Indiana Jones, Ch. Skansen Gentleman Thief and Ch. Skansen's Handsome Stranger in the early to mid 80's. These three boys were sired by Skansen's Der Figaro V Kobuch who was sired by Lillemark's Kobuch. Bitches that go back to Kobuch directly as sire and grandsire also leaked. I believe this is where the incontinence originated from.

Since we all know Sylvia brags about doing no health testing, as she wrote in her article that was published in the parent club (GSCA) magazine in 2004, she has continued to breed and produce incontinence for over 25 years. (Along with epilepsy, auto-immune diseases and hip dysplasia) Unfortunately, the many back yard breeders and less than responsible breeders that have spawned from her also produce it and deny just as she does. Now it is a major health problem in our breed and while it is not life threatening it is very messy and stinky to live with.

When purchasing your new giant puppy be sure and ask the breeder if they have those dogs are in the bloodlines and look at the survey results to see if the puppy you are thinking about goes back to any of the many Skansen dogs listed. If any of these dogs are listed on either side of the pedigree there is a great chance your new Giant will leak urine her whole life. Unfortunately, most bloodlines have been polluted with these genes now. We only have about 4-5 breeders who are free of these polluted genes in our entire breed...scarey, huh!

Chiropractic might help incontinence in some cases. A miniature schnauzer friend's veterinarian recommended chiro for her mini girl who just started leaking later in life and it worked. This might work for spay incontinence before you put your girl on the drug DES.


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