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Joan Pottinger
Louisville, Ky
home 502.367.0438


Sonya Pickens
Baton Rouge
LA, 70806
225.383.1966 home
Willing to transport, temporary housing (i.e. overnight or a couple of days - I have very little space), screen new owners, pick up dogs, etc


Susan Dupuis
Central Maine and willing to cover the entire state
home 207.794.6151

Seth Thayer and Greg Tinder Northport, ME
207 338-0916
Willing to ID, transport, foster short term.


Celia Vornholt
Willing to ID, transport, assist new owners with training and questions, foster (though limited)

Jane Elias
Manchester, Md
home 410.374.6868

Maripat Luntz
Manchester, MD
home 410.661.9200
Willing to help by fostering, transporting, evaluating,neutering or providing other medical care for rescues.

Marina Raukhverger
Baltimore MD
Phone 443-801-5521
Willing to ID, help new rescue owner with grooming, training , etc. Evaluate homes, can transport for up to 80-100 miles

Sheila (and Reuven) Lev-Tov
Silver Spring, MD
Willing to pick up a Giant in need, make sure its veterinary needs are attended to, nurse it into adoptable condition (mentally & physically), and go through the process of checking out and locating an appropriate home for placement.


Cindy Bullock
West Warren, MA.
Can foster and or house dogs, has kennel and grooming set up
home 413.436.0130
kennel 413.543.4665

Barbara Moeller
Boston, MA/Providence, RI area
Does rescue, will assist breeders and new buyers


Mona Berdahl
Ramsey, MN (NW burb of Minneapolis)
home 612.712.9144
cellular 612.250.1857

Svetlana Bolotskaya
home 612-871-2232
Willing to transport, groom, and keep a dog for as long as necessary.

Carin Offerman CPDT
home 612.963.8900
Willing to foster, transportation, evaluate training and socialization, grooming.

Tina Dickel & Marilyn Fox
Southern MN and Northern Iowa. home 507.387.3762
Willing to foster, transport, ID, groom

Ruth Rustad
Minnetonka, MN
home 952.933.2130
work 612.664.3274
Willing to transport, groom, pick up/delivery and could keep a dog for a couple nights in emergency situation.

Bob Denham & Susan Tufford
home 651-674-0176

Karen & Gerry Waterlander
Davenport, IA
home 563.326.5463


Trudy Allen
home 601.209.8739
Willing to do anything asked of us to help. We can help screen potential new puppy owners in our area. We can be mentors to new GS owners. We can help RESCUE with picking up dogs from shelters, homes who can no longer keep them, foster care and drive networking to help get rescue kids into their new adoptive homes. We can be foster parents to Giants while they are awaiting homes as we have a very large secure kennel with covered runs at our house. We can help defray costs of rescue and can pay for the vet bills associated with rescue of a Giant in our care.


Gail Jackson
home 417.890.9798
Willing to ID, pull, foster, whatever is needed

If you would like to help support Giant Rescue and this site we greatly appreciate it!


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