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Giant Schnauzer Rescue Protocol Handbook

Giant Schnauzer Rescue Protocol Handbook

At long last another part of my rescue dream has come to fruition thanks to Elizabeth Turner (writer extrodinaire) and Miriam Rose (GSCA rescue)! The Giant Schnauzer Rescue Protocol Handbook is now available to download and print. This Handbook is meant to serve as a guideline for experienced rescuers as well as new rescuers and anyone wanting to help with any aspect of Giant rescue.

The Handbook is a 21 page step by step guideline covering what responsible rescuers do from the time we hear about a dog needing help to watching the dog ride off with his new forever adopter(s). There are many important requirements that must be met before anyone can successfully place a dog in a forever home and this Handbook will walk you through each step in great detail to ensure a successful rescue/rehome and placement!

Giant Schnauzer Rescue Protocol Handbook

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print this document

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